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Dawson College makes the list of Top 50 Research Colleges in Canada

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Once again, Dawson College is one of Canada’s Top 50 research colleges, based on internal and external investment in research. Researchers at Dawson produce high-quality, transformational research on social innovation, the scholarship of teaching and learning, inclusion of populations with disabilities, the natural and social sciences and the arts. Congratulations to all our researchers for making Dawson College a hotbed of research productivity!


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The Annual Review of Research Activity at Dawson highlights the tremendous research endeavours achieved at the College over the past academic year. We are proud to share the accomplishments of our researchers and their collaborators from many other institutions. Over the past year, they have made significant contributions to their disciplines through outreach activities, publications, and involving students in their projects.

Dr. Silvia d’Apollonia receives the Research Recognition Award!

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Congratulations to Dr. Silvia d’Apollonia Dawson College’s Research Recognition Award Recipient 2013-2014! Dr. d’Apollonia’s research on group learning has helped to transform and increase the effectiveness of implementing cooperative and collaborative learning. Dr. d’Apollonia is actively involved in the SALTISE network, where she engages in projects relating to active learning and designing learning environments.