Frequently Asked Questions

@ Dawson College

Snowy Owl




  1. What constitutes research?
  2. What kind of funding opportunities are there in Canada?
  3. I want to apply for a research grant from a federal/provincial agency. What should I do first?
  4. Who makes decisions about research at Dawson?
  5. I have a questions about research, who can I talk to?
  6. I’m unsure whether my project constitutes “research”. Who do I talk to?
  7. What is the Tri-Council? What is its role in Canadian research?
  8. What is the Research Ethics Board (R.E.B)?
  9. Do I need permission to apply for a federal or provincial grant?
  10. Am I eligible for release time?
  11. I have never written a grant before, where can I get help?
  12. I’d like to conduct a survey of my class as part of a teaching unit in my course. Do I need permission to do this?
  13. Someone has asked me to circulate information about a research study to my colleagues/students for purposes of recruiting study participants.  Can I help them?
  14. My course requires to design and carry out a survey that involves the human participants, e.g., fellow students, Dawson faculty, professionals or staff, family or community members etc… Do I or my students need approval from the R.E.B?
  15. My department/program has asked me to research educational standards, practices, materials in our discipline, to inform efforts at program improvement/development. Do I need approval from the R.E.B?
  16. My research involves a questionnaire, and/or interviews with students/faculty/staff/key informants. Do I need approval from the R.E.B?

Have you started your research? If you have, check out our Libraries and Databases or the The Dawson College Library.




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