Helpful Grant Writing Tools

@ Dawson College


assorted_toolsNever written a grant before? Or are you looking for some great helpful tips for your next project?

Check the links and you are well on your way!


Books and Articles

Online Resources

15 Best Granting Writing Tips

Part of being successful in the grant application process is knowing which awarding agency best fits your discipline and / or proposed project.

There are many fantastic resources available that will help you pick the ideal grant awarding agency. Here are just a couple:

Government of Canada: Selecting the Appropriate Federal Granting Agency

The Community Toolbox: Applying for a Grant: The General Approach

Do you still have questions? Get in touch with the Coordinator of Research for all further queries or peer review.

Curious about the multiplicity of grant awarding agencies? For Governmental Agencies or Private Funding Opportunities click on the links.

Have you applied for Internal Approval and Release Time? Don’t forget to include both of these applications with your grant application when you submit to the Coordinator of Research.




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