@ Dawson College

Korita, Istra 087

After you have been awarded a grant you have responsibilities beyond the scope of your project. Depending on the agency that has awarded your funding there will be different reports that must be submitted (i.e. financial). Dawson College also has a series of steps that the researcher must complete prior, during and after the project.

Are you working with Human participants throughout the course of your research? If you are then you are required to have approval from the Research Ethics Board at Dawson College. Approval from the R.E.B., for all research involving humans, is mandatory.

Do you have any questions about Research at Dawson? Consult our FAQ. Do you need to hire a translator? Please review our Translator Hiring Practices.

For a step by step guide of everything you need to complete, from Financial Reporting to Ethics Policies and Procedures, consult our Researcher’s Handbook.

Have you started your research? Are you looking for additional tools? If so, check out our Resources link.







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