Ethics & Research

@ Dawson College

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All research at Dawson College involving human participants must be reviewed by the The Research Ethics Board (R.E.B.).  The REB, mandated by the Board of Governors, supports researchers in their mission to maintain ethical research conduct and instrumentation by ensuring that ethical guidelines are respected.

Research ethics review is required for : Researchers (both Dawson researchers and researchers from other institutions) who wish to conduct research with human participants (students and/or staff) at Dawson College, and, participants external to the College.

Dawson College Policy on Ethical Conduct of Research on Humans

Dawson College Policy on Integrity in Research and Scholarship

Tri-Council on Policy on Ethical Conduct for Research involving Humans

Stay up to date with the policies and procedures regarding Ethics and Research here at Dawson College through participating in training sessions. To learn more, please follow the link Research Ethics Training.

Looking for other Post-Award topics or guides? Please consult anyone of these links or feel free to contact us.


Ethics and Research

Research Ethics Board

Researcher’s Handbook

Libraries & Databases




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