Internal Application Process

@ Dawson College

 IMG_4211Research grants awarded to researchers are administered by Dawson College, as the signatory of the Tri-Council Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions. By accepting to administer research funds, Dawson agrees to comply with all rules and regulations set out by the granting agency. The Academic Dean at Dawson reviews and approves all grant proposals submitted with Dawson as the administering institution.

To track the approval process and manage data relating to grants, we use a Grants Management System in SharePoint. In order for the Academic Dean to review your grant and Dawson to forward it to the appropriate agency, please submit your proposal to the system. Below is a step by step guide to the submission process.

Click here to access the SharePoint Grant Management System website.


Enter your Dawson Credentials (email and Dawson password) to login to SharePoint.



Enter the title of your proposal in the “Title” box; read the agreement form, and click “Agree” if you agree to comply with the terms and conditions.



Using the tabs, enter the relevant information. If you’re requesting release time from Dawson, please write a brief justification (including the amount of release requested per year) in the “Justification” box.

You can save your proposal without submitting it and return at a later time by clicking “Save”



When you’re satisfied with the data entered, please click on “Submit for Approval”


Once you submit, the Research Coordinator receives an email stating that you’ve submitted your proposal; the Coordinator then reviews the data entered, uploads your application and project description and forwards the proposal to the Academic Dean for review. The Academic Dean (AD) may approve, reject or request more information. After the AD approves a proposal, the Research Coordinator will forward it to the agency.

If you have any questions, or encounter difficulties during the submission process, please contact the Research Office at ext. 1374 or

Will you need Release Time? Follow the link to apply.  Would you like Helpful Grant Writing Tools ?

Return to Pre-Award Process.



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