Process to offer contracts for translation of grant proposals

Office of Instructional Development- Translation Hiring Process

    Acting under the umbrella of Dawson College’s provision of translation services to faculty, the Office of Instructional Development hires independent certified translators on a contractual basis to translate grant proposals or parts thereof from English to French. Grant proposal translations are funded through the Canada-Quebec Agreement for Minority-Language Education and Second-Language Instruction ( the Canada-Quebec Entente), which stems from the law promoting the two official languages, French and English. The Entente’s objective is to give support to the minority language in a province (e.g. French in Ontario or English in Quebec).

The OID is committed to helping researchers prepare the strongest possible funding applications, and as such takes the translation process very seriously. The OID maintains a network of certified translators who have the requisite training and experience to translate research proposals. This requires skill in a specific form of academic writing, namely research proposal writing, that is very different from other types of written work. Therefore, being a native speaker of the language of translation is not sufficient to adequately translate a proposal. We require that all translators possess at a minimum the following credentials:

  1. Accreditation by a recognized post-secondary educational institution with a specialization in translation from English to French, and/or certification from a recognized body (e.g. CTTIC or OTTIAQ), and ;
  2. At least two years of experience in translation of academic writing, with some experience in the translation of grant proposals.

In order to become a part of the OID’s network of translators, a prospective translator must submit a CV and a sample of her or his translation work, preferably a short translation of research proposal to the Office of Instructional Development, indicating her or his experience, credentials and the discipline with which the translator is most familiar. Contracts are offered to eligible translators based on the needs of the research community, taking into account the following priorities:

  • Experience (years as a translator)
  • Availability (since proposals are usually time sensitive, we require that translators are available immediately prior to the grant deadline)
  • Area of expertise  (priority will be given to a translator with a degree and/or experience in the same, or a similar field of research as the proposal submitted)
  • Proven ability to conform to deadlines, previous high-quality translations for the OID, and good communication record with the OID and researchers on prior assignments
  • Cost of translation


Dawson respects the principles of equal access to employment in all selection processes. Please contact with any questions.

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