Release Time

@ Dawson College


Since 1996 Dawson College has served the equivalent of 3 full-time teaching (3FTE’s) to support researchers. Although priority is given to credited researchers who are funded through recognized research agencies (FQRSC, FRNT, NSERC, FQR-S, PAREA, PART, PSCC, PSVT, CFICIHR, SSHRC), the College tries to support other research efforts when there are sufficient funds to do so.

It is currently the practice for the College to match the amount of release awarded to a researcher for a project funded by an external agency. In cases where no release is awarded with a research grant (e.g. SSRHC) the College will consider awarded 0.25 FTE per year in order to support that faculty member’s research work. However, the amount of release to be awarded varies depending upon the number of applications that are to the fund.

When you submit your proposal through our Grants Management System on SharePoint, you should prepare a statement of justification for your release and enter it in the appropriate box. You can access this system through your My Dawson Portal. This statement should outline:

  • The amount of release time in FTE requested per year and duration of the project
  • A summary of the tasks and hours required to completed the work, and how release from Dawson will help you realize your project.

You may submit a request for research release even if you do not hold an externally funded grant; please contact the Research Coordinator for submission guidelines. While the College tries to support these initiatives, the resources for release allocation are limited.

The Dean’s Group considers requests for release once the various funding competition results are announced, generally in late spring.

Would like some Helpful Grant Writing Tools ? Please follow the link.




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